ReqRoute Makes Commitment to Hire Veterans

Milpitas, CA – March 23, 2013: Veterans often face a difficult time upon being discharged from the military. Beginning in 2012, ReqRoute made the commitment to hire veterans – and they have been doing so throughout Silicon Valley ever since.

ReqRoute takes a unique approach to the recruitment and training needs of their clients. They provide permanent, temporary, and contract employment so that companies can focus on their core business. Social media networks are leveraged and a unique strategy is used in order to reach more clients – including those who have served in the Armed Forces.

ReqRoute has areas of expertise to help an array of industries. This includes companies in banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, hospitality, high tech, entertainment, telecommunications, and more. Virtually any company that is in need of employees can rely on the California-based company. Those who are in search of a job in one of these areas can also contact the recruiting company for assistance with job placement.

Those who are recently out of the military can send their resume to ReqRoute for assistance. The commitment that the company has offers placement services. Many veterans have already had success obtaining positions with top companies throughout Silicon Valley as a result of the dedication of the recruiters.

The minority-owned business has more than 16,000 job seekers exploring the site monthly and they have a strict screening process that ensures businesses get what they want. “We believe in making sure that candidates will be happy at the company,” comments one of the owners. This allows veterans to feel comfortable that they are being placed into a company that will accept them and benefit from the skills that they have to offer.

Veterans of all ages and from all branches can find employment with the help of the ReqRoute recruitment services. When a resume is sent, the company advises individuals to state that they are a veteran in the cover letter in order to get immediate review. From there, the company will begin working with the list of job openings in order to find a match. When a match is obtained, the veteran will be contacted for secondary interviews and a background check will be ordered.

“While all of our employers are given a short list of individuals who meet the requirements, we are able to sway decisions. Many of them look to us for our expertise in the hiring process,” notes a recruiter for ReqRoute.

Recently, ReqRoute has received a lot of press because they are one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. They are also working on expanding to other parts of the country, including Pennsylvania and Texas. The company has a strategy that allows them to find candidates for employers quickly and their wide range of services are highly sought after by employers who wish to find candidates without going through the hiring process on their own.

Veterans can look forward to a simpler hiring process as well since ReqRoute has made the commitment to help veterans with gaining employment. Resumes can be sent via the company’s website.

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